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Finding Success in Your Business Through a Pandemic

We are faced with the new reality of life and CoVid19 is defining our new decade. As we are faced with “stay home order” many are glued to social media and our televisions to learn more. The pandemic is very serious, many people are suffering and what about our businesses?
At Lake County Nursery we are concerned about our families, customers, vendors, and how will everyone fair through this crisis. As we are looking for the positive we want to share some true shining stars! Let’s look at a few customers who took a horrible situation and turned it into an opportunity!

Allisonville Nursery, Fishers, Indiana

In January 2020 Jeff Gatewood was excited to announce his retirement. The business would continue under the new ownership of Pat Sullivan. Never did the owners expect to have their excitement for a profitable year take the back seat to a pandemic. The Governor of Indiana ordered a stay at home till April 7th. After the date, the plan is to reevaluate how to proceed for the health of their people and the medical system. The staff of Allisonville knew they needed to save as much of the early spring business as they could. Once the state deemed the garden industry essential, they were able to put their plan into action and stretch their imaginations!

The employees worked together to develop an online store and broadened their social media presence. Unfortunately, Allisonville made the decision to close their homeware showroom. They decided to bring as many homewares outside as they could so they could keep the doors open. Curbside service, online shopping, and free delivery have kept their loyal customers engaged and purchasing the products they have grown to enjoy!

Chalet Nursery & Garden Shop, Wilmette, Illinois

Chalet Nursery and Garden Shop have been featured in many trade magazines in the past and I am sure they will be in years to come. Their social media posts pull you into their world with colorful pictures and unique products. Just as many of you have done, Chalet is only open for curbside service, delivery and for their unique take on classes. “DYI Stay at Home Workshop” was sold out as quickly as it was posted! Signature designer, Earl Lieske, has quieted the following. Materials could be delivered, or curbside pick-up at the retail store. Then from the comfort of your home follow along with the step by step instructions to build a beautiful arrangement. It is a sure way to brighten your day. This is just one of the creative classes offered by Chalet that you can view on Facebook.

Faddegon’s Nursery, Latham, New York

Another fine company is Faddegon’s Nursery. Following them on social media you will find that like most they are doing curbside service and delivery. Faddegon’s has taken a twist on how to help their customer. Becky, 4th generation owner is home with her young kids and is looking for a way to keep them active. She has enlisted her father, Bob who is the owner of Faddegon’s.

They put together a series of videos that take you on a short scavenger hunt throughout your yard every day! They teach you about the flora and fauna you can find. There are some great art projects for the kids, pruning techniques for the adults and maintenance of your houseplants. Want to know what lichens are, how about the difference in a broadleaf evergreen or count the rings on a tree to know the age. These simple down to earth teachings is what every parent needs to keep their kids active while they teach them at home.

In conclusion

Do we ask how you are challenging your team to be positive and creative in this unknown turmoil we face? Many companies may choose to shut their doors, and we respect that. While others will join the group that will think outside of the box and gets people back into their yards. We commend you for your choice and look forward to serving you in the years to come, no matter how different it may be. Many companies are finding success in many different ways, share them with us and we will highlight you in a future blog~

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