Branding and the Investment

At Lake County Nursery

Our roots run deep.  Our first plant introduction happened in the 1970s with Weeping Candied Apple™ Crabapple, Malus ‘Weepcanzam’. It was Jim’s passion to find new plants that would better our offerings to our customers. As a result of Jim’s passion, LCN patented and trademarked over 125 varieties before selling the nursery in 2009 to Jeff, Joe, and Bob. Jim’s works continued through his retirement until he passed in 2017.  LCN Selections continue to be offered through several resources and can be found on our website.


We see more and more branded material coming onto the market.  As consumers, we deal with branded material daily in many facets of our lives. Our purchases ranging from coffee, clothing, cars and even our snacks and toothpaste revolves around brands.  Today if you ask our youth to name 5 plants they will be hesitant, it may take some time. The same group will name 5 brands used daily in just a few minutes.  Why it is hard to understand that plants are developed and branded for their uniqueness? Let’s keep in mind the costs associated with branding plants and reward those for their works.

Nursery Management Magazine

Kelli Rhoda, the Editor, wrote an article in the January 2020 issue that brings to light the investment many nurseries have invested to bring these great selections.  Hopefully, your understanding and respect for a patent holder are clearer and their investments are more than about the money, it’s a passion and a way of life!

Read here… Nursery Management January 2020 cover article

As you work in branded material into your designs and offerings to your customers please remember the investments of money, time, marketing and fees associated with the development of the variety.  If pricing must be taken into consideration for your customers have options and explain why the branded plant’s cost is more.

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