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H-2B and the Many Glitches

2018 made many aware of the long-standing problem our profession faces, labor shortages. As we head into 2019 our government has voted down a cap relief for the H-2B program.  Moving forward many of the problems stem from the computer systems implemented by The Labor Department.  Beginning on January 1st at !2:01AM companies began the process of applying for the Visa’s.  In 2018 many companies believed it to be a first come first serve system, as you and I toasted in the new year many companies sat behind their computer pushing buttons to assure their labor needs would be met only to find the government would change how Visas would be handed out. More than 80,000 visa’s were applied for and only 33,000 being handed out.  Now fast forward 365 days to 2019 and the problem is compounded by additional companies seeking the need for more labor. … “Within minutes after receiving a record number of applications covering nearly 100,000 workers” the portal crashed said the government.  Read the entire article from WSJ Business Report…

“Businesses Report Glitches on Reopened Seasonal-Work Visa Website”


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